Wyoming – Sheridan and Goshen Counties

Goshen County

This prospect is on the Eastern Shelf of the DJ Basin in Goshen County, Wyoming, along the Wyoming/Nebraska state line. The original play was for the oil-prone Niobrara Shale and a conventional oil play in the D & J sands.

Several Niobrara horizontal wells have been drilled to the west in the center of the basin. The results thus far are inconclusive because of faulting that makes it difficult to continuously drill in the Niobrara formation. We do not know if that same depositional environment exists for our prospect.

Deeper formations in the D & J sands, the Pennsylvanian and Paleozoics also offer potential for oil production.

We have 12,680 net acres (15,983 gross) as shown on this plat with most lease expirations in 2017.

Buffalo Creek Prospect, Sheridan County

Anadarko has drilled several test wells in Johnson County, Wyoming, to evaluate the potential for horizontal drilling in formations. The Shannon formation looks the most promising. Cirque has drilled some horizontal wells to the north and west of our prospect. The results are unknown to date.

We have 6,671 net and gross acres as shown on this plat, all BLM leases. Our acreage is perpetuated indefinitely through a BLM conservation program and the leases have about three years to run once the suspension is lifted.

Contact Robin Forte’ at robin@forte-productions.com or (972) 663-9466 for more information.